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Data Structures CSE Internal

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Date of internal: 9-11-2016
Teacher: Sushil sir
We were called in the morning and the viva started around 9:25 am. Groups of 3 students were called together for viva. Following was the marks distribution:

  1. Viva - 20 Marks
  2. Practical File - 10
  3. Lab attendance - 10
    Questions of varying difficulties were asked. These were the most frequently asked questions:
    Q1. Which is better AVL tree or B-tree? Why? What are the differences?
    Q2. Perform deletion in AVL tree. (Tree was given we had to delete a node)
    Q3. Perform deletion in Circular Queue when implemented using Singly Linked List. List all the conditions.(No code)
    Q4. What is Hashing? What is the need of hashing?
    Q5. Perform deletion in doubly linked list.
    Q6. Perform pop operation in stack when implemented using linked list. List all conditions(No code)
    Q7 Give some real world example where doubly linked list, stack, queue is used.

Suitable for Students in year(s): 2

Suitable for branch(es): CSE, ECE, EEE, IT, and MAE

College: Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College(GBPEC)

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