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External Mechanics CSE 1st year

Added on , Posted by inventionsbyhamid

Writing part was too easy! :smile: We sat in our classroom(yes not in the lab). Picked up a sheet, sir asked which experiment we have studied and he wrote the experiment number on our sheet. Viva was also easy. Simple questions related to your experiment and experiments performed by students going along with you were asked. Question like :-

  • What is law of moments?
  • Difference between Moment of Force and Couple?
  • Application of parallelogram law of vector addition?

Suitable for Students in year(s): 1

Suitable for branch(es): CSE, ECE, MECH, and EEE

College: Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College(GBPEC)

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Posted by inventionsbyhamid,

@tushar Yes most of them are easy but it also depends on the external teacher.

Posted by tushar,

thanks for changing my stereotype......
this was pretty relaxing as well as it shows externals in college are even relaxing than school #KendriyaVidyalaya