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Guidelines for Uploads on PassHoJao

Created by passhojao



As we move towards our goal to create a place with quality content it is necessary for every public upload on site to pass certain guidelines.

  1. Before uploading anything in study material section thoroughly search that it is not already there, like question paper for same college, semester, year.
  2. Make sure what you are uploading is clear enough without blurry text. To see what is accepted quality kindly go through content that is already present on site.
  3. We encourage our users to use Camscanner app to scan papers using your Android phone. You can download the pro version from here
  4. For documents with multiple pages doc/pdf/docx file types should be preferred instead of zip. Multiple single pages should be combined using some software like Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  5. If your college name doesn't appear in the dropdown list when you type in the college field, kindly request to add your college by sending mail at [email protected]
  6. Title for uploads should be related to the content upload and not mislead users to download other things. Any attempt to perform such mischief will get the user banned forever. Good title make it easy for other users to find content using search.
  7. When uploading files the file name should be renamed to reflect what the file is about so even after downloading other users can easily see file name and understand what the file is about. Example uploading question paper for 3rd Semester Mathematics question paper file name should be something like "Mathematics_3rd_Sem.pdf" and not "jkgdiaugdf.pdf"
  8. When uploading anything in study material section although the description is optional it is good practice to add relevant description information about what is uploaded, like contents/topics inside a pdf. This not only helps the users to understand better what they are downloading but also helps search engines to show relevant pages when people are searching for similar content.
  9. Only content that is relevant to the topic/section should be uploaded. Any content with obscene image, video, text will deleted and the user will be banned forever.
  10. Maximum file size allowed is 50MB. Files exceeding this size should be uploaded in parts.

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