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Bresenham Circle Drawing Program in C


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Subject: Computer Graphics and Multimedia

// Program uses graphics.h that is generally available in Turbo C


void main() {

    int gd=DETECT, gm=DETECT;
    int r, x, y, midx, midy,p;


    printf("Enter the Radius of circle : ");

    x = 0;
    y = r;
    p = 3 - 2*r;         

    midx=getmaxx()/2; //To get the max position (Bottom-Right corner) of screen. 
    midy=getmaxy()/2; //Dividing by 2 to get the centre of screen.

    do {                                             

        putpixel(midx+ x, midy+ y , 1); //All possible 8 combinations to draw 8 Segments
        putpixel(midx- x, midy- y , 2);
        putpixel(midx- x, midy+ y , 3);
        putpixel(midx+ x, midy- y , 4);
        putpixel(midx +y, midy+ x , 5);
        putpixel(midx +y, midy -x , 6);
        putpixel(midx -y, midy -x , 7);
        putpixel(midx -y, midy +x , 8);


        x++; //x will always increase , so it is incremented outside if-else

        if(p<0) {
        else {
            y--; //y decrements only when p>=0



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Last Updated: July 16, 2022