Data Mining Practical File Exp 1-7

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Subject: Data Mining and Business Intelligence

DMBI Practical File Experiments 1-7

  1. Study of ETL process and its tools.
  2. Overview of these terms: DBMS, Data Warehouse, Data Science, Data Mining, History and Orgin of data mining, ML, AI, ETL.
  3. Introduction to WEKA tool.
  4. Implementation of classification techniques on ARFF files using WEKA.
  5. Implementation of clustering techniques on ARFF files using WEKA.
  6. Implementation of Association rule technique on ARFF files using Weka.
  7. Study of DBMiner Tool.

Link to second part of file : Data Mining Lab File Exp 8-11

Credits: Ajay Nath (GBPEC 2019)

Last Updated: July 16, 2022