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Dowload IPU Financial Management Notes PDF. FA is generally taught in 4th semester of BBA GGSIPU program. Topics covered in the note attached are as follows:

UNIT 1 Financial Management

  • Financial Management- Nature, Scope and Objectives
  • Time Value of Money
  • Concept of Risk and Return (Including Capital Asset Pricing Model)
  • Valuation of Securities- Debentures, Preference Shares, and Equity Shares
  • Sources of Financing
  • Sources of Finance- Classification of Source of Finance
  • Security Financing
  • Loan Financing, Project Financing
  • Loan Syndication- Book Building
  • New Financial Institutions and Instruments
  • Depositories, Factoring
  • Venture Capital
  • Credit Rating
  • Commercial Paper, Certificate Of Deposit
  • Stock Invest, Global Depository Receipts

Last Updated: July 17, 2022