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Consists of Aim, Apparatus, Theory, Procedure, Observation table, Calculations, Result, Precautions for the following experiments.

Experiment 1 - To determine numerical aperture of an optical fiber
Experiment 2 - To find the refractive index of a material using spectrometer
Experiment 3 - To determine the specific rotation of cane sugar solution with the help of Polarimeter
Experiment 4 - To determine the wavelength of Monochromatic light (sodium light) by Newton’s Ring
Experiment 5 - To determine the wavelength of sodium light source using plane transmission grating
Experiment 6 - To verify Inverse square law of light using a photo cell.
Experiment 7 - To determine the value of Planck’s constant using photoelectric effect
Experiment 8 - To study the laser beam characteristics like; wave length using diffraction grating aperture &

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Last Updated: July 17, 2022