Physics Practical File Sem 2


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Subject: Applied Physics - II

Download Applied Physics II Practical File Complete Handwritten PDF. List of Experiments:

  1. To study Hall Effect and to calculate
    • Concentration of chage carrier
    • Hall Co-Efficient
  2. To study charging and discharging of a capacitor through resistor using a voltmeter.
  3. To determine e/m of an electron using JJ Thompson method.
  4. To deermine frequency of an electrically maintained tuning fork by Melde's method.
  5. To determine value of plank's constant by using photocell.
  6. To obtain lissajous pattern on CRO screen by feeding two since wave voltage from two signal generation.
  7. To find thermal conductivity of a poor conductor by Lee's method.
  8. To plot forward and reverse characteristics of a zener diode.
  9. To study transient response of a series RC circuit and understand time constant concept using pulse wave forms.

Last Updated: July 16, 2022