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STLD Lab User Manual

File size: 12 MB

File content type: application/pdf

Category: Practical Files

Course: B.Tech.

Semester: 3

College: Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College(GBPEC)

This lab manual is provided while performing experiments in the STLD lab. Contains experiments on Logic gates, Boolean Algebra, Adders, Subtracters, Bit Shifting etc

  1. Logic Gates
  2. Boolean Algebra
  3. 4 input NAND and NOR gates
  4. Combinational Logic Circuits
  5. Flip - Flops (74LS86, 74LS73)
  6. 4 Bit Full Adder
  7. Shift Registers
  8. Study of Counters
  9. Code Converters
  10. Magnitude Converter
  11. Binary Synchronous Counter
  12. Mono stable Multi vibrator
  13. Circuit diagrams (Clock, Bounce less pulser, PS)

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