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STLD Practical File

STLD Practical File Handwritten Complete Optimized.pdf

File size: 13 MB

File content type: application/pdf

Category: Practical Files

Subject: Switching Theory and Logic Design

STLD practical file pdf. Switching theory file contains the following experiments

Following are the experiments given in the practical file -

  • Experiment 1:
    • i) To verify the truth table of all the logic gates.
    • ii) To realize all the gates using universal gates and verify it.
  • Experiment 2: To construct half adder, full adder, half subtracter, full subtracter using logic gates and verify the same.
  • Experiment 3: To verify the basic laws of boolean algebra.
  • Experiment 4A: Design and verify the truth table of a 4 bit parity generator.
  • Experiment 4B: Design and verify the truth table of a BCD to Ex-3 code generator.
  • Experiment 4C: Design and verify truth table of a 4 bit binary to gray code and gray code to binary code generator.
  • Experiment 5: Design and verify BCD to 7 Segment decoder truth table.
  • Experiment 6: Realize a 4x1 multiplexer and a 1x4 demultiplexer and verify the truth table.
  • Experiemtn 7: To relaize 4 bit parallel adder circuit using the IC 7483.
  • Experiment 8: To design and verify a 4 bit BCD adder.
  • Experiment 9: To study and design SR, JK, T and D flip flops and its truth table.
  • Experiment 10: To implement priority encoder.
  • Experiment 11: To implement up down counter and verify using truth table.
  • Experiment 12: to implement and verify decade counter.
  • Experiment 13: To implement and verify ring counter.
  • Experiment 14: To implement and verify 4 bit shift register.

Credts to Vishi13

Last Updated: July 16, 2022