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  • How do I format my text on PassHoJao and make it beautiful?

    PassHoJao supports markdown on ad description, experiences, forum posts. You can learn more about the markdown syntax from here Markdown Basics.

  • College field is empty after I submitted my Ad/Experience

    When you type your college name in text field in new ad/experience form, dropdown shows list of matching college names. If your college name is not in the list kindly request us at [email protected] to list your college in our database.

  • How do I use emojis on PassHoJao?

    PassHoJao has support for emoji in ad description, experiences, forum posts. You can look up the Emoji Cheatsheet for codes to embed emoji in your text.

  • How do I add profile image?

    To update or add a new profile image, 1) Login to your account. 2) Select "Edit Profile" from dropdown in navbar. 3) Chose your image and enter your password to confirm your changes. 3) Submit.

  • I have sold my stuff still I receive calls from people, what do I do?

    Once you have sold your stuff you must delete the ad from PassHoJao so it's no more listed on our site. By default we delete ads that are more than 4 months old.

  • How can I contribute?

    Anyone can contribute on PassHoJao. You can begin by submitting scanned copies of notes/previous years question papers from your college and spread the word amaong your friend circle.

  • I submitted notes but they were removed by moderators, why?

    Sorry we removed your contribution to our site. We value every contribution made. Whenever any content is removed by our moderators we "generally" send email elaborating our reason to take the extreme step. Content will be removed for following reasons: Poor quality, objectionable images, videos or any other media, spam.